The Uprising Against China Has Begun…What Will Israel Do?

by David Mark

For years, contact between Tibet and Taiwan was minimal due to the latter’s assertion early on in its history that Tibet also belongs to it. Decades passed and what should have been a natural alliance never took off, until now.

Tibet, an ancient Buddhist nation was conquered by Communist China in 1950- sending its government to exile in India. Since then the Chinese Communist Party has done everything in its power to wipe out indigenous Tibetan culture. From destroying Buddhist monasteries to transferring its own Han population into Tibet, while stripping the region natural resources, the CCP has destroyed Tibet. From his exile in Dharamshala, India, the Dalai Lama who is the spiritual leader of Tibet, has been able to draw international attention to his people’s plight. Yet, the international community can do little against Beijing – who is now the most powerful economy in the world.

With Taiwan now under pressure from the CCP and a threat of imminent invasion by Beijing on the table, Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen has begun to make overtures to the Dalai Lama as well as other leaders of the Tibetan government in exile.

The relationship was forged by India who is heading up a united anti-Chinese Communist front. With Taiwan ordering more and more weapons and actively training with the US to repel a Chinese invasion, a potential uprising by Tibet against the Communist China may not result in a free Tibet, but will at least severely erode China’s power in the coming war between the CCP and the West.

Despite the fact that Tibet was sold out to China by the internationalist agenda, the CCP’s growing global hegemony has alarmed the West, who is now looking at ways of pushing back on the Chinese Communist power.

There is potential now for the USA to not only support Tibetan independence while bolstering Taiwan, but also increase potential autonomy and independence in the Uyghur majority area of Xinzang. Like Tibet, the Uyghurs are facing a form of cultural genocide that has been highly reported in the news.

In a recent article about the potential for American involvement in helping separatist movements in Chinese controlled territory, Michael Rubin writes: “The American Enterprise Institute’s Michael Mazza suggests that the State Department could simply revisit the question of sovereignty over Tibet. Consider it a revival of the Stimson Doctrine. Just as the United States sponsors an American Institute in Taiwan as a de facto embassy in Taipei, Mazza notes that it could be time for an American Institute for Tibet in Dharamsala, at least if the Indian government is willing to play ball.”

With Indian Prime Minister Modi’s recognition that the best way to take down the CCP is to simply pull all the occupied areas of greater China together in a form of rebellion, it may be time for the West to not only cut the CCP out in the business sphere, but to begin to follow India’s lead and break apart the CCP empire once and for all.


Unfortunately, Israel is still in a state of indecisiveness when it comes to Chinese relations. Although the CCP has been able to undercut Jerusalem’s ability to leverage the two countries’ business relationship into political capital, Israel insists on increasing ties. Chinese companies simply steal Israel’s innovation ideas with no repercussions.

With Israel closely allied with India and now Taiwan, it must make the right choice and begin to disconnect from China once and for all.

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