Iranian Drone shot Down By Israel was Armed with Explosives to Bomb Israel

by Avi Abelow

Breaking revelation released by the Israeli IDF.  Israel downed an Iranian drone back on February 10th, 2018.  New reports now indicate that the drone was actually loaded with explosives.  This was actually a direct Iranian attack on Israeli soil that did not succeed.

Back in February, an Israeli Apache helicopter downed an Iranian stealth drone that flew into Israeli territory.

At the time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning to Iran:

Iranian Attack

It is now two months since Israel shot down the Iranian drone. Israel’s military have now announced that the drone was not merely taking surveillance footage. It was carrying explosives and planned to attack and damage an unspecified target somewhere in Israel.

This was the first direct Iranian attack on Israel.  However, this follows decades of Iran using proxy armies like Hamas and Hizbullah to attack Israel.

The Israeli military “concluded that the Iranian UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) had explosives and was attacking Israel.”

Israel identified and tracked the drone with Israeli defense systems until its destruction.  “This effectively eliminated any threat the Iranian UAV posed,” it said.

T-4 Base in Syria

Just last week, Israel attacked the T-4 base in Syria again. Israel has now made clear to the Israeli public the case that the T-4 base is an Iranian Air Force base on Syrian territory. It is just missing the Iranian fighter planes. Iran also plans to use it as its base of drone operations against Israel. Yet Israel is trying to stop that.

This is the reason that the Israeli attacks on the T-4 base are so critical. Israeli PM Netanyahu keeps on warning the world. “Israel will do everything in its power to stop Iran from setting up its forces in Syrian territory.”

Now hopefully the world will better understand. Israel can NOT allow Iran to pose a greater threat than it already does by having a presence in Syria.

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