VP Pence makes strong comments on Syrian airstrikes

by Phil Schneider

VP Pence explains the morals behind President Trump’s attack on the Syrian dictatorship.
The concept is clear – “There is a price to pay” if any leader uses chemical weapons against innocent civilians.

Trump vs. Obama

The contrast is crystal clear.  Human catastrophes all over the world are not the top priority of the United States.  But, the United States will no longer just talk and threaten.  The United States, under the Trump administration hits back, and hits hard.

This is not only important in that President Trump appears strong when he attacks foreign dictators.  Yes – the optics are good for President Trump.  But that is not the heart of the matter.  What is so important is that now the world understands that the United States means business.  This President talks tough and acts tough – if he deems it in the best interests of the United States.

The contrast between President Trump and President Obama is stark – especially on the Syria Civil War issue.  President Obama threatened Assad against using chemical weapons, but backed down when Assad used them.  President Trump threatened and delivered.

Whereas President Obama believed in negotiating away the world’s biggest problems, President Trump believes in the use of force as a key element in bringing foreign dictators to their knees.

It is simply a breath of fresh air to hear the moral clarity from VP Pence.  In many ways, it is now clear that he is the perfect Vice Presidential choice for President Trump.  He is modest, religious, steeped in deep morals, and clearly a moderating force for the more impulsive President Trump.  Whether or not his opinions have major sway in the Oval Office, he is certainly an additional voice of solid conservative reason that will continue to serve the United States well in the coming years.

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