Iranian Soldiers Hit the Ground as Army Attacked at Parade in Iranian city of Ahvaz

by Avi Abelow

In the southern Iranian city of Ahvaz, gunmen dressed up as soldiers, killed at least 24 people, and injured dozens more. Iran now threatens to retaliate America and Israel, even though nothing connects America or Israel to the attack.

The Attack

Four gunmen fired on a military parade in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz on Saturday. They killed twenty five people,  many who were members of the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Iranian news agencies reported this as one of the worst attacks ever on the elite Iranian military force.

Who Did It?

Various groups are claiming responsibility. The Islamic Republic of Iran has many internal ethnic and religious divisions, with many groups against the Shiite control over the country.

One Iranian ethnic Arab opposition movement called the Ahvaz National Resistance has claimed responsibility for the attack. They want to secede from the Muslim Republic of Iran and have independence.

ISIS militants also claimed responsibility.

While both groups have claimed responsibility, neither has provided evidence.

Iranian forces killed all four of the gunmen.

Iran’s Response

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the gunmen were paid by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. He made clear that Iran would “severely punish” those behind the bloodshed.

Iranian leadership also accused the United States and Israel of involvement in the attack. They made clear that the USA and Israel should expect “a devastating response.”

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned Iran against blaming the U.S. for a terror attack. He told reporters at the Pentagon that Iran’s threat did not give him any concern.

“We’ve been very clear that they shouldn’t take us on like that. And I am hopeful that cooler, wiser heads will prevail,” Mattis said.

“They’ve so far blamed at least three countries and I think one terrorist group. We’ll see how long the list goes. But it’d be good if they knew what they’re talking about before they started talking.”

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