Palestinian Arab Official Admits “Killing Israelis is not Terror, it’s Legitimate”

by Avi Abelow

This is why peace is impossible with the fake people who claim they are “palestinians.”  All they want to do is murder Jews and destroy Israel. An official of the Palestinian Authority said this.  He works right under PA leader Abbas.

Issa Karake

Issa Karake was the Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs until last month. Today he is still a member of the Palestinian Authority Parliament. He was in charge of using aid money from the world to pay terrorists in jail who murdered Israelis.

He was vocal against the laws that Israel and the United States passed deducting funds from the aid given to the Palestinian Authority because of the Palestinian Authority “pay to slay” program. “Pay to slay” is the financial reward system of the Palestinian Authority to reward terrorists who murder Israelis. They are paid according to how many Israelis they kill. The more Israelis they kill, the more money they receive.

“Peace” Partner?

The truth is that the PA should have one labe – a terror organization.  They are not a potential “peace” partner!!! When will this truth finally become the norm and change the paradigm of the fake “peace” deals?  Yes, even the one President Trump wants to pass is a fake deal.

Israel should not deduct money that the PA gives to terrorists. Israel, and all countries giving aid, should STOP any and all money to the PA.

Fake Peace

It is clear to all that the Palestinian Authority supports the murder of Jews to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars! It is NOT interested in peace and never was interested in peace.

When will Israel officially stand up against these lies? Israel continues to act as if the Palestinian Authority is a credible “peace” partner. The PA is not and never was a credible peace partner. Israel must stop this charade already. Israel should not wait for President Trump to state this. It must call out the lies about the Palestinian Authority.


Any country truly interested in peace must stop giving all money to the Palestinian Authority, and call for it to be disbanded. The Palestinian Authority leaders are a bunch of corrupt terrorists who line their own bank accounts with the international “aid.”  They just use the Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza as pawns in a war to destroy Israel. They don’t even care about their own people.

Anyone who cares about the lives and human rights of the Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza MUST call to destroy the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. To NOT do so, and to call for a two state solution means that they either don’t truly care about their human rights or they are blind to reality.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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