Find out what happens when an ordinary Sukkah gets some “bling”

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, here is an animated presentation of how to bling a Sukkah.  What does that mean?  Watch and See how to upgrade a Sukkah.   

Since the Sukkah is just a temporary dwelling, it doesn’t even need more than 2 walls a bit.  But more important than that, it needs to have a non-solid ceiling that is only made of stuff that grew from the ground.  In addition, it needs to be disconnected from the ground.

“Bling” a Sukkah

This is just a fancy word for a hi-tech upgrade of a boring Sukkah.  This is obviously not important.  But, you have to admit that this silly video is cute and entertaining.

Sukkot is actually a festival that the word “party” is relevant for.  It is a happy time of year for the Jewish people who just completed a very intense ten-day period of atonement for sins.  The custom is to celebrate and “bring things down to earth” on the Sukkot holiday in the days that follow the Yom Kippur holiday.

So, to”bling” a sukkah is perfectly apropos in order to keep in the spirit of the holiday.

Jewish version of trick-or-treat

In many Jewish communities around the world, little children walk around and “check out” different Sukkot of their neighbors.  They are often rewarded with some sweets.  This of course, feeds the custom too.  It has grown from year to year.  This is also all good in that it brings a sense of togetherness at this Holy time of year.



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