The power of words is changing our culture

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the real power of words?  Do semantics really matter so much?  Yes.  They do.  Words matter.  This video is an eloquent take down of the left-wing use of euphemisms to disguise very problematic opinions.

Affirmative Action is a fancy way of saying race discrimination.  Social Justice sounds like such a good thing.  But it is a term that justifies almost all action – including violence.  Remember that death insurance could not sell.  So, someone came up with the idea to sell life insurance.  The words do indeed define the culture.

Hate Speech

The left-wing definition that often is used to define hate speech is so broad that it basically includes anything that is not progressive.  Criticize open immigration?  That is hate speech.  Criticize a dangerous tendency of a specific religion?  That is hate speech too.  It is tricky to realize just how important this “battle” is.  But that is what it needs to be – a verbal fight for everyone’s right to exercise free speech.  Let us not be scared of opposing views.  Let us accept that others disagree with us.  But, we should not shut other people’s mouths – accept if they call for violence.  That is the red line.  If people call for heavy taxes on something, that is legit.  If people call for a stop to a certain policy – no matter how controversial – that is legit.  As long as they don’t call to take up arms – let the verbal struggle go.

Winners and losers belong at the ballot box.  But, let’s have a fair fight in the land of semantics.





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