Iran Threatens To Make Israel Burn And Bleed

by David Mark

Iran has come out swinging and threatening Israel for taking out its entire upper echelon of IRGC officials in Syria earlier in the week by leveling the consular wing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

Iran has now threatened to make Israel burn and bleed in its territory in a much harsher way than ever before. The Iranian regime seems to have no choice and attack either through Hezbollah or directly itself. Most security experts expect an attack any day and are warning Israelis abroad and in Israel to keep vigilant.

The attack on Iran’s embassy in Damascus is the most severe setback for the Ayatollahs in their war to destroy Israel and for regional hegemony. Taking out the entire leadership of the IRGC in Syria and Lebanon sets their coordination activities back a considerable amount. The only question is how do they save face and retaliate without igniting a regional war.

With the hard left in Israel, backed by the Biden administration looking to oust Netanyahu and install a compliant regime in its place – it gets harder and harder to see how Israel’s silent and nationalist majority pulls the Jewish Nation through this without making a clear and defiant stand against its enemies inside and out.

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