Iran Captures Spy Ring Backed By Israel

by David Mark

Iran appears to have dealt a major set back to Israel by capturing a spy-ring supposedly responsible for a series of high level attacks against Iranian Revolutionary Guards personnel and nuclear scientists.

The spy ring was said to enter Iran by way of Kurdistan and supplied with weapons and intelligence by Israel. Western Iran has a high Kurdish population. This population borders the Kurdish region in Northern Iraq. The border between both areas is very porous with many Kurds going back and forth.

Decades ago, Iran, in an attempt to integrate Kurdish citizens allowed them to reach the highest levels science and the military. Despite this, there has been a continuous separation movement in the Kurdish areas of Iran. If the attackers were really from the Iranian Kurdish region or at least were Kurds that used contacts in the region to move about, this would show how misplaced their Kurdish integration policy was.

Iran may not stop at the spy-ring, but rather begin an anti-Kurdish campaign in an attempt to ensure its top echelons are properly purged of anti-government personnel.

For Israel, the busting of the spy-ring could not have come at a worst time. Iran has already admitted it can male a nuclear weapon. This, coupled with a retreating USA, leaves Israel cornered and surrounded by Iran and Russia. The arrests in Iran appear to leave Israel no choice but to attack Iran in order to prevent it from nuking the Jewish State.

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