BIDEN FATIGUE: Iran Attacks US Forces In Iraq

by David Mark

Joe Biden’s presidency is in free fall. From corona to Kabul, there is a foreboding sense that the US is on retreat and being brought down from the inside.

No foe senses this more than Iran. After all, the US is in negotiations with Iran and yet fighting a soft war with its leaders at the same time. There is nothing more weak than negotiating with your enemy as he continues to attack you.

The latest attacks consisted of drone strikes by the Iranians on US forces stationed in Iraq. On January 3rd, the two year anniversary of the targeted killing of Iranian terror mastermind Qassem Soleimani, Iranian forces launched two drone attacks on US forces stationed at Baghdad’s International airport.

Yesterday January 4th, Iranian explosive drones struck again at Ayin Al-Assad base, where US troops are stationed.

While these attacks have happened before, the back to back nature of them shows that Iran sees that the time is now to continue to push the USA out of Shiite territory.


2022 may prove to be the year that the maneuvering of the last few years blow out into open war. Despite the media’s attempts to paint the Russian/Ukraine conflict as the main theatre, the Chinese-Iranian axis continues to be the main event. China has indicated that it will take advantage of the Biden regime in order to take over Taiwan and while Russia may invade Ukraine, Iran will for sure move forward with advancing towards nuclear breakout, thus resetting the Middle East and potentially the world.

A nuclear Iran means that Israel will be forced to attack and that will invite a counterstrike by Iranian affiliated Hezbollah. In fact, Iran does not need a nuclear weapon to lay waste to Israel. Hezbollah’s missiles are enough. The nuclear weapon and ICBM program is for the broader globe.

Faced with weak and corrupt leaders, the West is facing an existential crisis that was born from its own assumption that its hegemony would be everlasting. This assumption appears to be the key to its downfall. While Israel has always done a good job in maneuvering the stormy international waters, its current self serving and inexperienced leadership has managed to get it stuck. Israel is bound to a decaying West and under threat from all sides.

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