Arabs Stone Bus in Judea and Samaria; Baby’s Scream Heard in Background

by Phil Schneider

There are attempted attacks in Judea and Samaria nearly every day. There are soldiers stopping terror attacks against Jewish civilians nearly every day. This one was caught on camera.

Terror Attack in Judea and Samaria

An attack like this one is terrorism. These are not harmless pebbles (which still should not be thrown at innocent Jewish people or anyone). These are stones. Boulders. Large rocks that can kill and have killed innocent Jews in the past. The Jews riding on this bus on a road in Judea and Samaria have done nothing to deserve being attacked. Their “crime” is living in their ancient Jewish homeland.

The norms of curbing terror attacks need to change in order to make sure that perpetrators understand that they have much to lose via terror attacks. If the result of every attack is that the army takes over the land from which the attack were perpetrated, would-be terrorists will think twice. This was actually the way that the State of Israel handled terrorism in the early days of the State.

The problem today is that terrorists are not only not scared of the death penalty that they won’t receive. They are not even scared of going to jail as Israel has freed thousands of terrorists in prisoner exchanges. So, the terrorists know that the Palestinian Authority will reward their family and they probably won’t even have to sit more than a year or two in prison. This must change.

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