Insulting “Angry Baby Trump Blimp” Flown Above London to Welcome President Trump

by Avi Abelow

Some Britains choose to welcome President Trump’s visit to Britain by flying a highly insulting “Baby Trump blimp” over the London sky. The insulting angry baby Trump blimp has tiny hands, holds a phone, wears a diaper and is very, very orange.

The very sad irony is that President Trump arrived in London to try to help Britain. President Trump came to London to provide Britain a trade deal that would help British Prime Minister Theresa May fulfill the British people’s referendum vote for Brexit, leaving the EU. But the anti-Trump Brits are not interested in that, because they are also against Britain leaving the EU. Instead, they protest and insult President Trump, which is an insult to the United States of America as well.

The “Angry Baby Trump” Blimp

One of the creators of the blimp explained in an interview that “the man (President Trump) has no shame, so moral outrage has no effect on him. What happens when liberal snowflakes like us get triggered, is that his bigotted base dance around hilariously. What he hates is when people insult him. He has a really fragile ego. I would say that is the only sort of real leverage we have over this man. He is like the most powerful man in the world. But he seems very vulnerable to being mocked.” So they created this insulting blimp to insult President Trump.

Sadiq Khan, London’s Muslim Mayor, gave the green light to fly it for two hours quoting the right of freedom of speech and expression.

British politician Nigel Farrage claimed that this is “the biggest insult to a sitting US President ever”.

Regardless if one supports Trump or not, there are respectable ways to protest and this is not one of them.

President Trump and Brexit

British journalist Melanie Phillips believes that the election of President Trump and the British referendum vote for Brexit were both similar positive directions for the USA and Britain. Fundamentally, they both reflect the will of the majority of the nations to once again have their representational governments behave in ways that are proud of their unique nations. And no longer apologize on the world stage, or internally, for what makes their societies special and unique.

Anti-Trump Protests

President Trump knew that protests were planned for his visit to Britain. He told the British Sun newspaper that although he loved London, due to the planned protests, he was planning to avoid the capital as much as possible.

The Britons protesting see President Trump as crude, volatile, unreliable and opposed to their values on a range of issues. More than 64,000 people signed up to demonstrate in London against Trump’s visit while other protests are expected around the country.

Brexit, the USA and Israel

The British vote for Brexit was a vote for Britain to be independent again, separate from the European Union (the EU). Being tied to the EU has meant that Britain must follow the dictates of unelected European bureaucrats in Brussels, especially with regards to international trade.

Working towards leaving the EU has meant that Britain has to negotiate her own trade deals, seperate from the EU. America would be Britain’s biggest trade partner. President Trump saw Brexit as a positive thing for Britain and wanted to help by providing a good trade deal for Britain. Britain also listed Israel as one of the top 10 trading partners to negotiate deals with. All this to assist Britain in going independent and leaving the EU.

However, British Prime Minister Theresa May herself hurt all potential progress for good independent trade deals for Britain when she announced last her half-baked plan to leave the EU. Basically, it was a plan that would have Britain leave the EU in name only, while still tied to many of the rules and regulations of the EU.

The Future of an Independent Britain?

The future of Britain, Brexit, independent trade deals etc. is all unknown right now. But things are not looking good for Britain, as the electorate is losing their trust in Britain’s politicians. If Britain does not follow through on Brexit, according to the British vote, then the British people understand that their future will be more tied to the decisions of EU bureaucrats than their local elected officials.

However, the United States, Israel and other countries are all waiting to assist Britain to leave the EU and negotiate independent trade deals with them, for the benefit of all of our countries. Israel much prefers independent trade deal with Britain than the heavily regulated trade deals of the European Union.

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