Israel and India Strengthen Defense Ties After Recent Gantz Visit

by Micha Gefen

Defense Minister Gantz’s trip to India will most assuredly be overlooked by most observers, but the trip and its results are perhaps the most important foreign policy achievement for Israel since the Abraham Accords.

With the US receding and China increasingly becoming belligerent towards Israel, the alliance with India has become a source of foreign policy stability for the Jewish State. Add in the mix that the UAE has also recently signed a free trade agreement with both Israel and India and it becomes all the more obvious that a new coalition is developing.

While most people like to see Israel’s action through the the Iranian prism, the relationship with India is more than that. It is about building a coalition of ancient cultures whose mutual respect for one another forms the foundation for work in broader spheres.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz urged deeper security cooperation in his meeting with Prime Minister Modi.

“We have an opportunity to deepen security cooperation between our nations,” Gantz told Modi according to a statement from his office after the meeting. “India is an industrial power, and Israel is a technological power — cooperation between our countries can significantly strengthen our ability to meet the challenges we are facing.”

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