Comedian Exposes The Thinking of the Left

by Phil Schneider

Do you believe in fighting for human rights? What about the rights of the LGBTQ community? What about the rights of people who live in Ukraine? Well, what about when doing all of the above contradict each others? Um…. JP takes apart the twisted mindset that is the mindset of so many woke people today.

The number of things that leftists speak about that do not add up are all taken apart in this video. The facts do not matter to so many people today.

The same applies to the leftist thinking that applies to stylish opinions on Israel. It is now stylish to view Arabs in Israel as the oppressed minority. Columbia Professors claim that “Israel’s colonial army has systematically targeted Palestinian journalists.” The stylish norm is to ignore the true aims of the vast majority of Arabs in Israel who claim clearly that their goal is to destroy the State of Israel. The leadership of the Palestinian Authority claims in broad daylight that if they only had 10 million dollars, they would use it to fund terrorists.

But it is simply normal to label whatever Israel’s policy vis-a-vis Arabs as a racist policy. The knee-jerk reaction on any issue is a hallmark of modern-day leftist mindsets.

The lies abound and the facts are irrelevant to so many. JP exposes some of the confused mindset.

Dr. Risch

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