Will India Hold The Line Against China and Pakistan?

by Micha Gefen

India is increasingly becoming more and more isolated in the Near East. With Afghanistan’s fall to the Pakistan/China backed Taliban, the Hindu nation, led by nationalist and popular leader Narendra Modi took a tough stance at the UN General Assembly.

With China investing in Nepal and Sri Lanka as well as building ties to the Taliban, the CCP with its partner Pakistan has essentially surrounded India. The Biden administration has in many ways only paid lip service to India’s defense and would rather continue leaving that part of the world to China.

President Trump also wanted to pull out of Afghanistan, but saw an Indian-Japan alliance as key to containing the CCP led China. Biden’s policies have directly impacted India’s geopolitical stability, leaving it only the Indian Ocean as a secure access to the rest of the world.

With China increasingly controlling ocean routes, India may face increased threats there as well.

Impact On Israel

Unfortunately India’s situation is causing it to cut deals with Russia and Iran – both enemies of the Taliban. While Modi may find some immediate help in those quarters, it also means he may have to tone down India’s alliance with Israel. This would be huge blow to Israel as it would lose a trusted partner.

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