Abbas Threatens Israel, But No One Cares, Not Even the “Palestinians”

by Micha Gefen

Forever president, Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority used his time at the UN to video in a threat to Israel in the form of an ultimatum to negotiate a two state solution within one year – or else.

The problem with Abbas’ tantrum is that no one really cares anymore. The “Palestinians” hat Abbas and most view him as a mafia leader who steals their money. The international community by and large, including most Sunni Arab states have dismissed Abbas as a washed up corrupt dictator that is more of a hindrance than anything else.

This can be seen in the growing interest in more countries in joining and strengthening the Abraham Accords. Recently, Sudan confiscated cash bound for Hamas. Other countries, like Saudi Arabia and the Kurdish Federal Autonomous zone in Iraq have expressed interest in making peace with Israel.

Abbas’ tantrum and ultimatum are essentially empty words spoken by an old terrorist whose only friends are peace industry professionals and perhaps Iran.

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