Israel Prepares To Bomb Iran

by Gavriel Dan

PM Naftali Bennett hinted to the world at the UN General Assembly that Israel is preparing to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites.

“Words don’t stop centrifuges,” the young PM announced to the UN’s hall of delegates. With time running out, Israel may have little time left to pull a surprise attack. If the speech in NY was not enough, the the new IAF head – appointed by Bennett supports a preemptive attack.

Bennett uses his maiden speech to attackIran’s government with heavy language. While it is not clear what the Bennett government will do visa vi Iran, what is clear that unlike with Bibi, moves are being made to ready the country for real war with a dedicated foe.

With Bibi waiting to hop back in power and a fragile coalition on the verge of breaking apart – Bennett may order a strike.

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