Illegal anti-Netanyahu protests at 5 am – in the middle of the street

by Leah Rosenberg

The anti-Netanyahu protesters stooped down to a whole new level. Waking up a neighborhood in the middle of Jerusalem at 5 am? That’s just wrong! Protests late into the night in a residential neighborhood is inconsiderate and bad enough, but now at 5am?

Illegal Anti-Netanyahu protests

Israel is a free and democratic society. Protesting is allowed. Anti-Netanyahu protests have been happening in Jerusalem for months now. Recently, Netanyahu, his wife, and others with them were taken into a secure compound in his residence in Jerusalem because of escalation and protesters breaking through a police barricade.

But it is not just that the Left wants to overthrow Netanyahu. New elections are already happening in March. They are just trying to disrupt the country. What sane and moral people march through a residential area at 5 am? They disturbed an entire neighborhood in Jerusalem! What they did is illegal. Their actions deserve consequences.

Once again we see the authorities implementing different rules for different groups. If right-wing/religious groups would have protested like this illegally they would have been stoped and treated much differently.

Blood Libel
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