Ilhan Omar exposes her shocking views on Arab TV network

by Phil Schneider

Ilhan Omar is a decision maker in the US Congress. If only this was an aberration that will just disappear. But the exact opposite is the case. She represents a genuinely growing minority that will become more and more influential in the Democrat Party of the United States. She speaks openly against violations of human rights versus Muslims around the world. But of course, she neglects to mention the #1 human rights issue in the world – the persecution of women in the Arab world.

Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Rashida Tlaib are the most visible members of the rabidly anti-Israel wing of the Democrat Party. They now have more members in their growing squad. They all have been democratically elected by tens of thousands of people, citizens of the United States, that support their policies. This is due to successive massive waves of immigration and a high birth rate in the communities that they represent. This issue will not go away, but will get worse as the Biden administration has already moved quickly to free up the US borders in a massive way. Their goal is to insure a majority that will vote for the Democrat party in the coming decades. The plan is working.

Donald Trump shined a light on the massive unbridled immigration issue. He was right. Their are three solutions to this problem. #1 is for a Republican majority in Congress to put an end to the immigration practices that are now being enacted. #2 is for the United States to figure out which immigrants to accept with open arms that will be productive US citizens and to open the doors to them. Lastly, a return to core family values where child rearing and larger families is the norm, will bring the United States back to a path that will not lead to a demographic ticking time bomb.

Dr. Kedar on Afghanistan
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