A tribute to one of the greatest friends of the Jewish state

by Avi Abelow

Sheldon Adelson was great friend to the Jewish people and the Jewish state. He left behind a noble legacy.

Sheldon Adelson and the Jewish State

Sheldon Adelson is a well known philanthropist. Yes, he founded the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. But that is not all he is known for. Maybe people do not realize how much he and his wife, Dr. Miriam Adelson (may she live and be well), have done for the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

Adelson gave money to many organizations, one being Birthright. Birthright is an organization that brings Jews from around the world to Israel and connects them to their Jewish identity.

Sheldon Adelson was definitely a giver, and his presence will continually be missed.

A Tribute

There is no tribute that can do justice to how much Adelson gave to the Jewish people. In this tribute you can hear him say, “I was brought up to care about the Jewish people.” And that he most definitely showed to the world. If only we could all care a little more about the Jewish people and Israel. If only we could all give a little more to each other.

There are so many lessons to learn from Sheldon Adelson. Maybe we do not all have the means to give financially in the way that he did, but we all have something to give – whether it be our talents, our devotion, our love – G-d gave us all different means by which to give to the Jewish nation. The question is if we will be like Adelson and be willing to give so readily.

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