The terrorists that Biden thinks he can strike a deal with

by Avi Abelow

There is a reason Trump pulled out of the Iran deal. Iran is a threat to the entire world. Why does Biden think that they can be trusted?

Biden Needs to Stop Iran

Why does President Biden think that he can make a deal with the terrorist regime of Iran? Why doesn’t he realize the truth? It is insane that Biden did not learn from the past mistakes of the Obama administration. Who would want to make a deal with a country that boasts about its destructiveness? The goal is to stop Iran’s nuclear project; not encourage it.

The Iranian regime is not a regime which wants to bring peace to the world. So why does the president of the United States trust them? It is mind-boggling. Listening to Hossein Salami speak here is revealing of Iran’s true nature.

If the average person can understand what Iran’s intentions are, shouldn’t the president of the US also be able to understand? Shouldn’t he have the ability to see the truth and see what is right in front of him? This is not some small issue. If the president decides to give Iran exactly what they want, he is putting the whole world at risk. Does Biden really want that on his shoulders?

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