Supreme Court Blocks Home Destruction of IDF Soldier’s Killer

by Avi Abelow

Once again, Israel’s Supreme Court ignores the law and instead rules according to its own progressive values.

Instead of allowing the IDF to destroy the terrorist’s home according to the law, Israel’s Supreme Court blocked the demolition of the terrorist’s home. The Israeli people and the IDF soldier’s family are beside themselves with anger at the Supreme Court for “killing” the IDF soldier again. Instead of looking out for our soldiers, the progressive left Supreme Court is protecting the terrorists and their families. The father of Amit Ben-Yigal, the IDF soldier killed, was so distraught following the verdict that he lowered his Israeli flag to half-mast.

The IDF was set to demolish the home of Nizmi Abu Bakr, the 49-year-old terrorist and resident of the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Yabad in the Jenin district.

On Monday, however, the court ruled two-to-one in favor an appeal filed on behalf of the terrorist’s wife and eight children.

Justices Menny Mazuz and George Kara ruled in favor of the appeal, cancelling the demolition order, while the third justice on the panel, Yael Vilner, opposed the appeal, saying that the demolition order had been signed in accordance with the law.

Israel’s Supreme Court today ruled against government policy and forbid the IDF from destroying the home of the terrorist who murdered elite IDF infantryman Amit Ben-Yigal just a few months ago.

Back in May, we reported on the murder of IDF elite infantry soldier Amit Ben Yigal, murdered by a terrorist who threw a block of concrete on his head, from the terrorist’s roof.

We titled the post “IDF soldier killed by terrorists in overnight raid because of Supreme Court”. We blamed the Supreme Court for his death then because Supreme Court justices continuously tie the hands of the government and army in their efforts to try to stop terrorists. 

One of the punishments the government allowed the IDF to do was to destroy the terrorist’s home, because it acted as a deterrent. Family members, and even parents, would turn in family members to the IDF, if they found out that he was planning a terror attack. 

The “courts of justice” have neutered this deterrent action. These “enlightened” justices rule that the rights of a terrorists family trumps the right to life of innocent Israelis! They are literally allowing terrorists to get away with murder, neutering Israel’s ability to stop future terrorists. 

The terrorist and their families get rewarded for the more Jews they kill, its called “pay to slay.

I have been saying for years that the true deterrent punishment is not destroying a home, which gets rebuilt anyway, but expelling the family. This is the Middle East, where tribal culture reigns supreme. Terrorists don’t care about their lives, but they will care if their family gets expelled and is disconnected from their clan and hometown. That is the proper punishment/deterrence.

In the meantime, today’s Supreme Court ruling highlights once again how the most important change necessary for Israel to move forward and protect itself, is to reform the justice system and stop the left from using it to stop right-wing policies meant to protect and defend Israel. 

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