Silicon Valley exposes the irony of “Woke” America

by Leah Rosenberg

“Woke” America. You’ve heard the term by now. Apparently, America woke up to racial and social issues and are now fixing them. Right, exactly.

“Woke” America

This video is humorous, but it is so sad how much truth there is to it. “Woke” American has not woken up to anything. They are in a deep, deep sleep. In fact, they do not even seem to be conscious. After all, the whole thing is so absurd that you wonder how anyone can consciously choose to believe any of it.

The far Left claims they are inclusive and that they embrace diversity, but they only embrace diversity of appearance and the like. They love all things superficial. Diversity of opinions, thoughts, and beliefs are rejected.

What kind of world is that? What kind of America is that? Definitely not a democratic one. Definitely not one that values the true meaning of diversity.

It is crazy to think that Americans have sunk so low. They must not know history well. They must not know what their country was built upon – the values, the sacrifices, the struggles. It is such a shame.

Maybe one day soon, Americans will actually wake up.

What Tolerance?

Aren’t Liberals supposed to be tolerant? Open-minded? They seem to only be tolerant of their own. They seem to only be open-minded about race and skin color rather than thoughts and opinions.

If you think this video is absurd, you are right. But it perfectly portrays what is happening in America right now – throughout companies, organizations, and on the streets. The whole thing is ironic, is it not? Those who flaunt the idea of inclusiveness actually exclude everyone but their own. They claim their beliefs are facts, and no one can argue. If they say 2+2=5, you better believe it.

To them, truth doesn’t matter. And that is a frightening reality.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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