IDF Prepares To Storm Rafah, While Troops Battle Hamas In Northern Gaza

by Micha Gefen

With battles raging between IDF forces and Hamas terrorists in Eastern Rafah, tanks and other armed forces can be seen building up around Rafah in preparation for an IDF assault on the city. With all the focus on Rafah, most people are missing the raging battles taking place in Northern Gaza in Jabaliya and the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City.

Five IDF soldiers were killed while fighting Hamas terrorists in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City, while the vaunted 98th Brigade entered Jabaliya to defeat a reconstituted Hamas in the North Gazan city. Northern Gaza may have been flattened early on in the war, but the broken Hamas battalions there have been trying to reassemble. Ahead of the entry of the 98th Division into Jabaliya, fighter jets and other aircraft struck some 30 Hamas targets, killing several operatives.

The 162nd Division continued to operate in Rafah, including on the Palestinian side of the Rafah Crossing with Egypt. The IDF reported that soldiers discovered and destroyed several tunnel shafts and rocket launchers primed for attacks on Israel.

With the Biden administration pulling the plug on America’s alliance with Israel, the Rafah operation appears to be set to go forward. Nearly five hundred thousand Gazans have left Rafah in expectation that without the US “leash”, Israel will roll through Rafah, preparing the groundwork for a battle between Israel’s special forces and the final Hamas battalions in the tunnel system far below the surface.

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