The Most Explosive Response to Biden’s Betrayal of Israel

by Phil Schneider

The sudden turnaround in Joe Biden’s attitude towards the State of Israel is due to two difficult realities to swallow. The first is that internal election politics will nearly always supercede previous pledges and ideas that dictate foreign policy. Secondly, the Democrat Party is deep in the throes of a wholesale shift from genuinely supporting the State of Israel to a supposedly more “even-handed” approach that views Israel’s strength as part of the problem and not part of the solution. 

Joe Biden and the Democrats around him see a major problem in the electoral map that is taking shape. There are a few key States, specifically Michigan and Minnesota, with young Arab populations that are rabidly antisemitic. The only policy that these youngish voters can get behind is one that literally throws Israel under the bus of Hamas and Iranian terror. But without their vote, the Democrats may lose Michigan. Now that Florida has shifted to becoming a squarely Republican State, and more of the rust belt leans towards supporting Donald Trump, the path to the White House for Democrats has narrowed. They NEED to win Michigan. If Israel needs to suffer in the process – so be it. That is the way of thinking that pervades the Democrat Party today – including Chuck Schumer, the formerly pro-Israel Jewish Senator that has showed his true colors. 

But in reality, there has not really been a major change in the Democrat Party ever since Barack Obama gave his epic speech in Egypt wherein he declared that he plans to make major shifts in the Middle East. Due to Obama’s policies, the Ayatollahs still run Iran, Syria’s Civil War was not contained and hundreds of thousands of Syrians were killed and immigrated to the West. Concomitantly, Iran’s proxies continued their massive buildup in Gaza and Lebanon that led to the October 7th debacle in Israel. Joe Biden is largely surrounded by the same advisors as Barack Obama, and Biden himself declared that he speaks with Obama nearly every day.  

The betrayal of Israel by Joe Biden is shocking, but it really has been nothing more than a continuation of Obama policies that have dominated the Democrat Party since 2012.  

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