IDF precision strikes in Gaza taking out Islamic Jihad

by Avi Abelow

Another small victory as the IDF strikes in Gaza, successfully taking out Islamic Jihad fighters. That is not how the media reports it though.

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IDF Precision Strikes in Gaza

The IDF uses precision strikes in Gaza. They could just bomb the entire area, but they don’t. And this is one of those strikes where they, thank God, took out members of Islamic Jihad who were going to launch more rockets at innocent Israelis. Israel targets the terrorists specifically. The IDF kills those that need to be killed, not just innocent (or not so innocent) civilians.

Israel is the most moral army in the world. They even drop leaflets, make phone calls, and warn residents to leave an area in which they will be attacking. What other country would do such a thing while they are trying to defend themselves?

What Will the Media Say?

The media will always just blame Israel. They will make up lies and say Israel killed innocent people. Or they will say Israel instigated. Whatever they say, it will not be in support of the country that is fighting AGAINST terrorism. Somehow, they will end up supporting the terrorists themselves.

But if America had rockets literally raining down on its people, wouldn’t you want the army to take out the terrorists? Wouldn’t you want your country to fight back? So why is Israel treated differently?

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