Israelis fight terrorism by going up to the Temple Mount

by Leah Rosenberg

How do Israelis fight terrorism? Revenge? Teaching hate? Think again. They fight it with spirituality and praying to God!

How Israelis Fight Terrorism

The sad reality is that the Jewish people have been subject to too much terrorism. Why? For existing. For having their own state. You would think that after suffering so much death and so many injuries, Israelis would be broken. You would think that they would teach their children to hate those who are bringing such suffering upon them. But if you think that, you would be wrong. Israelis fight terrorism with reaching out to God. They fight it by going up to the Temple Mount, the holiest Jewish site.

Israeli politician Yehuda Glick, who himself was a victim of terror, discusses how families who have been affected by the pain of terrorism are ascending the Temple Mount together. The woman who spoke is the mother of murdered 13 year old Hallel Yaffe Ariel, who was murdered by an Arab terrorist in her bed.

And Israel’s Enemies?

Well, they teach hate. They teach violence. They teach murder. It could not be more opposite than how the Jews educate themselves and their children. It would be rational if the Jewish people taught their children to take revenge and to murder after all the terrorism. But they do not. Yes, they teach their children to defend themselves. But they also teach their children that God is the only One to reach out to and pray to. They teach their children to fight terrorism with religion and spirituality.

Motivation for Terror
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