IDF Paratroopers Honor one of the Most Heroic Females of WWII

by Leah Rosenberg

Hannah Szenes risked her life for the Jewish people, and that made her one of the most heroic females of WWII.

Heroic Females of WWII

There were many heroic females of WWII, and not all were Jewish. Some non-Jewish women hid Jews. Some did everything to sabotage the Nazis’ plans. And some, like Hannah Szenes, were Jewish and did everything they could to save those in the Nazi death camps. She was just 23 years old when she was captured and killed by the Nazis during an operation after parachuting into Europe. Szenes was heroic and refused to give information, despite being tortured.

It’s heartwarming to watch IDF paratroopers do a symbolic jump in honor of Hannah Szenes. It’s a reminder to the world that the Jewish people never give up. They always come back stronger. And what is so amazing and unique about the Jewish people is their memory – the importance of history. These paratroopers obviously did not know Hannah personally. But as part of the collective memory of the Jewish nation, they too remember and honor her. They too know the importance of remembering the people and events that came before us.

Without remembering history, we are nothing. History is just part of the long chain connecting us to people like Hannah Szenes. To people like Maimonides, Queen Esther, King David. All the way back to to our forefathers and foremothers – to Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rivka, and Jacob and Rachel and Leah.

May the Jewish people continue to be blessed with a strong memory.

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