Are Israel and Iran Heading Towards Open War?

by Micha Gefen

Israel has long been known to fight the Iranian menace in covert operations and attacks on the latter’s proxies located in Syria, but recently the covert war appears to have turned overt – signaling a move towards open warfare.

With the US on retreat from Afghanistan and losing much of its influence in the Middle East, the void left has pushed both Israel and the Iran to up the stakes in their battle for dominance. The Abraham Accords has given Israel an edge in terms of a new strategic depth it has never enjoyed in the region. However, Iran continues to be a menace fueled by Russian President Putin’s backing and China’s military alliance.

In the past the covert war between Israel and Iran was relegated to land. Yet now, it is in the open seas – and Israel is attempting to take the advantage, which is why Iran has been attacking directly against Israel owned or managed assets.

In the coming weeks, with Iran’s positions beginning to strengthen, Israel and its allies will need to make the inal decision to open up their attacks on Iran to open warfare or quiet backdown in order to wait a more suitable Western political climate.

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