Are Iran and Israel about to Become Friends?

by Phil Schneider

Iran is a brutal dictatorial regime. It was not always like that. It was actually a more Western-oriented country until 1979. Then the Ayatollahs took over. Now, there is a very major move being made to bring Iran back to an historic change – to a place where Iran and Israel will actually be allies.

Len Khodorkovsy explains that the key for this change to occur is a vocal and supportive United States. But in addition to support of Iranian protesters, Khodorkovsky insists that financial pressure must continue. The same way that the Soviet Union buckled due to economic pressure, Iran can buckle too. This was one of the greatest – if not greatest achievements of the Reagan presidency. The State Department has labeled Iran as the main state sponsor of terrorism for many decades. But change in the Middle East is already happening.

One of the main things that Khodorkovsky points out is that their is actually a wonderful history of many centuries in which the Jewish people in the Land of Israel and the Persian people were close allies. Imagine a world where the two most formidable powers in the Middle East, Israel and Iran, actually became allies to insure a peaceful region. It could happen.

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