IDF Gives Hamas Major Blow by Destroying This Massive Tunnel 

by Phil Schneider

More than half a year after Israel’s Defense Forces began their destruction of the Hamas infrastructure in Gaza, Israel is still destroying massive Hamas terror tunnels. Many are asking how could this be the reality that so many tunnels still exist while Israel has been attacking for so long?

The answer is based on how Israel has been battling aginst Hamas. Israel has not been carpetbombing Gaza with bunkerbusting aerial bombs. That would probably be the morally preferred method as it would minimize casualties on the Israeli side. However, Israel continues to serve as the most moral Army in the entire world.

No matter how many anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli protesters scream about Israel committing genocide, it doesn’t change one iota of the truth that the Jewish people are facing a battle of genocide against them by Islamo-fascists who hate Jews, Israel, and the entire Western world. The fact that Israel is not uniformly supported by the entire Congress, Senate, and Executive Branch of the United States shows to what extent anti-Israeli attitudes have become mainstream and fashionable in Democrat circles. Israel doesn’t carpetbomb because it cares too much about “collateral damage” to “innocent Arabs.” But Israel also doesn’t carpetbomb because America has been threatening to withold arms to Israel if Israel hits back too hard. The net result is that Israel is fighting with one hand tied behind their back. That slows down the process of defeating Hamas.

But the other aspect is that Israel is fighting Hamas in an area that is smaller than New York City, yet has tens of miles of tunnels crisscrossing the entire underground. It is like the New York Subway system, but with more hidden interconnections and hidden weapons depots all throughout. No matter how many tunnels are destroyed, there will always be more uncovered. 

Israel must make a strategic decision that every piece of land that an Arab terror tunnel is dug to attack Israel will be used as the foundation for a new Jewish town or city. This is not only not extreme. It is the exact language that Arabs understand more than anything else that will make the terror tunnel digging stop. When the Arab terrorists know that they are digging their own destruction, then there will be some fundamental change in the Middle East.  

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