IDF Gets Attacked While Going To Arrest Terrorists

by Gavriel Dan

A large scale terror attack planned for Passover eve was thwarted when the IDF entered the “palestinian” village of Silwad.

When the IDF entered the village to confront the terror cell, hundreds of Arabs from the village came out and attacked the soldiers as they entered. Villagers through large rocks and even prepared grenades.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said tonight: “We have arrested the murderer of Malachi Rosenfeld. Seven years ago, the heinous terrorist Maad Hamed carried out a shooting attack on a vehicle in the area of ​​Kida and killed Malachi Rosenfeld and wounded three of his friends, who were on their way home.”

“He recently escaped arrest in the PA and was on his way to carry out an attack against Israelis. Our forces, the Shabak, the IDF and the IDF went into action and captured him, thus preventing a serious attack. Our forces also arrested other suspects involved in the attack. Israel’s long arm will reach everyone who raises a hand against us,” said Bennett.

IDF counter terror operations swung into high gear after 14 people were killed over the last week and half. The IDF has operated in Jenin, Shchem, and elsewhere in an attempt to contain the wave of terror.

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