IDF Destroys Terrorist Squad Placing Bombs on Israeli-Syrian Border Fence

by Avi Abelow

Israel just stopped another attempted terror attack on our Northern border.

Last night IDF forces eliminated four terrorists who attempted to place explosives on the Israeli-Syrian border.

A special force from the Maglan Unit operating in the southern Golan Heights area identified the group of terrorists as they were in the act of placing the explosives near the border fence.

IDF fighters and IDF aircraft fired at four terrorists and killed them. Thankfully, Israeli forces had no casualties.

The IDF’s spokesmen unit publicly stated that “Israel’s Northern Command forces are on high alert and prepared for any scenario. The IDF considers the Syrian regime responsible for any action taking place in its territory and will not allow any violation of the sovereignty of the State of Israel”.

It is still unclear at this moment whether the terrorists’ attempt to place the explosive devices was carried out under the direction of Hezbollah, which vowed to avenge the recent death of one of its members in an air strike in Syria attributed to Israel.

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