What is the Real Reason For Israel’s Anti-Bibi Protests?

by Micha Gefen

With tensions rising in Israel’s North, political chaos once again on the horizon, and the coronavirus still around, leftwing protestors in Israel see it fit to stage nightly riots with one mission only – to remove Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Forget the fact that Bibi is not going to simply resign because of the agenda driven protests outside of his residence on Balfour street. After all, he was democratically elected. So what are these protests turned violent riots really about?

It really is quite simple. The protestors by and large are now the fourth generation of leftists since Ben Gurion and company founded the State of Israel in 1948. They assume like their parents had that this is their state. Of course there are others here, but the rightwing and religious were only meant at best to be useful pawns in the left’s game of control.

Interestingly, the left’s own world view does not allow them to create an expanding population. So now in 2020, Israel is essentially no longer just theirs. In fact, the Left save for the Supreme Court and the Media is not really in control at all.

This is why they are angry.

Now they just want to destroy the thing they think is only theirs rather than allow others to be control. This is the real meaning of the Israeli protests. The Israeli Left does not care about economy or the little man. No, they have lost control of the State they claim is theirs and they are mad as hell about that.


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