IDF Thwarts Hizbullah Terrorist Attack from Lebanon

by Avi Abelow

Just a few hours ago a team of Hizbullah terrorists crossed into Israel’s northern border to commit a terror attack. Israeli citizens across Israel’s Northern border were ordered to remain in their homes and not go or travel outside. Thankfully, the IDF stopped the terrorists and no Israelis were hurt or injured in the attack. 

The details of the attack are still a bit unclear. 

Lebanese media reported that Hizbullah terrorists crossed the border and shot an Israeli armored vehicle with anti-tank rockets. 

The IDF is claiming that Hizbullah terrorists infiltrated into Israeli territory and were stopped.

Interestingly enough, just recently Hizbullah released the following video showing an IDF vehicle in the gunsites of one of their terrorists.

Regardless, Thank G-d the IDF thwarted this Hizbullah infiltration and stopped a potentially serious terror attack.

Israeli PM Netanyahu stated that Israel views this border incursion very seriously and placed the blame on Lebanon. Hizbullah is now a leading party in the Lebanese government so Lebanon can no longer blame Hizbullah and wash its hand of responsibility. 

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