Black man kneels on White baby’s neck, and the media said nothing

by Leah Rosenberg

The media has truly sunk to a level that no one thought possible. They push their agenda so much to the point that they hide the truth of what BLM is.

The Media is Corrupt

There are no words for this – for the horror. For the careless, heartless act. And in support of Black Lives Matter? What was this brutal man trying to convey? That the lives of innocent White babies don’t matter? Supporting Black Lives Matter is supporting violence. And the media seems to be allowing that violence.

We all know that the mainstream media has an agenda. They push their own politics. They badmouth anyone who is not on their side of the political spectrum.

But this is a new low. The fact that they refused to report this story because it went against their agenda is sickening. How can they look at the picture of this Black man harming a baby like this and actively choose not to report it?

Supporting the Black Community

You can support Black people and equality without supporting this horrific, Marxist organization.

It seems that there are some people in the world who support Black Lives Matter because they truly don’t know what the group stands for. Well, here is an example of things they do and what they believe in.

This is a major reality check. Know the facts before making a decision to support such a radical group. BLM is terrorizing America. They are terrorizing Blacks. Yes, you heard right. An organization which claims that Black lives matter actually has no interest in helping the Black community. They have no interest in bettering America and creating a better life for everyone.

This news story is sadly not the only violent and horrific incident. Black Lives Matter has made violence their trademark. Anyone who says otherwise is completely blind to the truth.

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