IDF assaulted by family members of rock thrower but did not hit back

by Leah Rosenberg

It is sad, but there is such thing as a rock thrower in the “Palestinian” world. And their goal is to harm the Jewish people.

The Rock Thrower

Being a rock thrower can be extremely harmful. These people do not just throw tiny stones that are harmless. They throw massive boulders that are deadly. These rocks cause so much damage, and it is absurd that the media does not report this as terrorism. Because that is exactly what it is! Terror!

Would you want rocks thrown at your vehicle? At your children? At your loved ones? In certain areas in Israel, rock throwing has become the norm. How can anyone live a life like this? Why is this not getting the attention that it should? People need to know! The world gives so much attention to Israel. But negative attention. They make the Jewish people look like oppressors. And that is just not true.

IDF Arrests the Rock Thrower

The IDF had to arrest the rock thrower. Anyone who does such a thing is committing a crime. But after the IDF finally chased down the criminal, they were assaulted as they tried to arrest him. Family members and friends tried to harass the IDF. The world wants the Israeli soldiers to respond back with force. But Israel is a moral country with moral soldiers. And all they want is to protect their citizens. They do not want to harm anyone.

That is what is so amazing about watching this video. The IDF received blows from people who want to harm them. And they did not strike back. Would any other army in the world respond so calmly?

Dr. Risch

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