How will the EU respond as Iran pulls further away from the Nuclear Deal?

by Gavriel Dan

Iran is taking a bold step away from its nuclear deal. Iran is moving is preparing for break out towards a nuclear breakout.

With Iran pushing ahead with weaponization, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has urged European countries to break off their agreement with Iran. France’s President Macron finds the newest violation “a profound shift in leaving its nuclear deal responsibilities.”

While there have been some expectations that European countries might leave the deal, many of them are in need of Iranian oil to be on the market and do not want to risk taking it back offline again.

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said the following regarding Iran’s recent detention of an IAEA investigator:

“The United States fully supports the IAEA’s monitoring and verification activities in Iran, and we are alarmed at Iran’s lack of adequate cooperation,” Pompeo said in a statement.

“IAEA inspectors must be allowed to conduct their critical work unimpeded. We call on Iran to immediately resolve all open issues with the IAEA and to afford Agency inspectors the privileges and immunities to which they are entitled.”

With Iran pushing forward fast, it is clear the USA and Israel as well as some of the European countries previously not willing to take a stand will lay the groundwork for preventative action.

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