How star of popular Netflix show Fauda cleans for Passover

by Leah Rosenberg

People can’t get enough of the Israeli Netflix show Fauda. But did you wonder what would happen when one of the show’s main stars cleans for Passover?

Netflix, Fauda, and Passover

Netflix has the ability to make shows become extremely popular. One of those shows is called Fauda. It is intense, suspenseful, and so much more. Lior Raz, one of the show’s main actors, is an Israeli Jew. This commercial shows him cleaning for Passover, and it is priceless! Whether you have seen the Netflix series or not, this commercial is creative, humorous, and entertaining.

Just like Fauda, some people make cleaning for Passover an intense endeavor. But this video is hilarious! This takes intense cleaning for passover to a completely new level.

A Unique Holiday

Passover is truly a unique holiday. God took the Jewish people out of slavery after hundreds of years of being enslaved. They became a united nation. They had faith. The Jewish people followed their leader Moses out of Egypt and believed in God. And thousands of years later, the Jews are still telling their story and recalling the miracles that God performed for them. Isn’t that an amazing concept? To celebrate the same holiday as your ancestors? The Jewish people value their history. The Passover holiday is filled with special foods, such as Matzah, and special prayers. Religious and non-religious Jews alike celebrate Passover.

There is something very unifying about an entire nation celebrating a holiday. Especially when a famous star celebrates Passover as well!

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