Christians worldwide are standing with the IDF

by Leah Rosenberg

Christians worldwide show their support for the Israeli Defense Forces. The Army, the soldiers who protect the Jewish People, who protect the State of Israel.


The IDF stands for Israel Defense Force. It was created in 1948 when the State of Israel declared independence. The IDF consists of ground forces, the navy, and the air force. At the age of 18 men and women are conscripted into the Army.

The Army has faced many Wars and Operations since its founding. From the War of Independence, 6-Day War, Yom Kippur War, War in Lebanon, and countless Operations in Gaza, since Israel withdrew in 2005.

6-Day War

The 6 Day War was fought between 5th June to the 10th June 1967. It was a war between Israel and its neighbors, Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Tension leading up to this war had intensified. The Egyptians were caught by surprise and nearly the entire Egyptian air force was wiped out, with few Israeli losses.

Jordan would attempt to tie down Israeli forces to prevent them from making territorial gains. Egypt and Jordan agreed to a ceasefire on June 8th, Syria agreed on June 9th and a ceasefire was signed in Israel on June 11th.

In the aftermath of the war, Israel had crippled the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian militaries, having killed over 20,000 troops while only losing fewer than 1,000 of its own. The Israeli success was the result of a well-prepared and enacted strategy, the poor leadership of the Arab states, and their poor military leadership and strategy. Israel seized the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, from Jordan and the Golan Heights from Syria.

June 5th the Israeli’s launched an attack on Jerusalem. They fired into Jordanian camps, to help soften the Jordanian position. Tanks and paratroops crossed no man’s land, after receiving reinforcements they captured Ammunition Hill. From here the Jordanian troops slowly fell and the Israeli troops made their way Har Habayit.


Christians, today are showing support for the state of Israel. They donate time and money towards helping those in need. They are now helping the soldiers that fought in past wars. Many of these soldiers need help with buying food, medications, general day to day activities. These people are doing a great deed by helping the Jews that protect the State of Israel.

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