PM Netanyahu on the Amazing Achievements for Israel this Week

by Avi Abelow

In today’s weekly cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu reflected upon how Israel just made history and the major achievement at the Hague. After a rough election cycle, it is wonderful to hear of these achievements from PM Netanyahu. The Hague achievement is huge, not big, but huge, and all thanks to President Trump. It can not be emphasized how huge this development is.

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Netanyahu on the Moon Landing

“First, I would like to comment on ‘Beresheet’. Over the weekend, the State of Israel made history. It became one of the seven countries to reach lunar orbit and of the four countries to land on the moon, although not in an optimal way.

This is a tremendous achievement for the consortium of SpaceIL, Israel Aerospace Industries and the State of Israel in support. We intend to launch ‘Beresheet II’. The State of Israel, which participated in launching the first spacecraft, will also participate in the launching of the second one. And I hope that this time will be successful. In that case, we will indeed be the fourth country to land successfully on the moon.

This proves, first of all, our abilities, our aspirations and the fact that we are not stymied by failures. The difference between winners and losers is that we do not give up. We will try again and again until we succeed. I estimate that we will have a better chance of succeeding the second time. According to what I have heard and the mishaps that I saw there – people will evaluate the problem and are also capable of dealing with it.

Netanyahu Says Thank You!

At the start of this meeting, I would like to commend the members of the government on four full years of action and many accomplishments. The accomplishments are very many. This found expression in the public’s decision to renew our mandate as a result of considerable action in all of the fields that are represented around this table – in very clear and successful action by government ministers. We will continue to do so in the next government and with G-d’s help, we will do and we will succeed.

Trump’s Achievement at the Hague

The Hague International Court has received a huge slap from President Trump that it will not forget for a lifetime.

But first, a few words of explanation about this corrupt court. The IDF is simply shaking at the name of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Our enemeis around the world, the Arab countries, European countries, NGOs, all threaten to take IDF solidiers and officers to the Hauge for warcrimes. Due to this the IDF JAG unti has seriously curtailed the IDF’s ability to defend Isreali citizens properly.

The Hague was so confident in scaring Israel that its appetite grew to go after the US Army as well. So it decided to investigate the “war crimes” of US soldiers in Afghanistan. But then President Trump arrived.

First, Trump announced that he does not recognize the Hague International Court, and not only does he not recognize this court, but he would deny all Hague employees (prosecutors, judges, typists and cleaning workers) entry visas to the United States. But he didn’t stop there, Trump then announced that he would personally pursue all the prosecutors and judges in this court. And therefore, as an initial act, he denied the entry visa of the court prosecutor, one Muslim from the “Gambia” democracy, Pato Ben Soda, and warned that if he continued the proceedings he would issue an international arrest warrant against the whole group of Hague judges and prosecutors.

That’s how one deals with gang of criminals, with strength, because gangs only give in to strength. In the Trump administration’s warning to the Hague, Israel was included with the US. President Trump explicitly warned the judges and prosecutors of the International Court of Justice to do whatever they want, except to the United States and Israel! And what do you think happened? Within a few days, the International Court of Justice unanimously decided that they were withdrawing from the idea of ​​interrogating US soldiers.

Click here for the full White House statement

Netanyahu Reacts to President Trump’s Hague Development

Over the weekend, there was a very important development for the State of Israel and the international community. The court in The Hague rejected the petition by the prosecutor of the international court to investigate US soldiers. This blocked a move that would have upended the original goal of establishing the international court. It was mainly established after the outrages of the pogroms, genocide and other problems that arose over the years in order to deal with countries and regions that have no true legal system.

They harass the US and Israel, democracies, which by the way are not members of the international court. But, without doubt, we have one of the best legal systems in the world, which is not a given because there are very few of these. To come and put on trial US or Israeli soldiers, or the State of Israel or the US, is absurd. It is the opposite of the original goal of the international court.

Therefore, this corrects an injustice and will have far-reaching implications for the functioning of the international system regarding the State of Israel. I commend the US, President Trump and the Trump administration for their strong stand alongside the citizens of Israel and the soldiers of the IDF. As on previous occasions, it has been proven that Israel has no better friend than the US and we very much appreciate the support in this field as well.

When I was ten I saw an exhibition not far from here. It was an exhibition on Independence Day. There was a big tent and under the tent, they brought a cannon. I looked at the cannon. Then I saw an armored personnel carrier. Then I saw soldiers and a tank. And I remember it made a tremendous impression on me. Suddenly, we have an army, and I did not understand it until I saw it before me.

Today we will decide on the opening of our IDF exhibition in Jerusalem. The exhibition will present to the public the tremendous contribution of the IDF to the State of Israel and its security. We are paying respect to the IDF, and there is no better place to do it than in our capital, Jerusalem. I invite the citizens of Israel to come and take part in this exhibition, and the children of Israel to be impressed as I was years ago.”

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