How Hamas proved Iran doesn’t want peace

by Leah Rosenberg

Some people think that the Iranian regime is a partner for peace. But take a look at the relationship between Hamas and Iran. Can you see the truth?

Hamas and Iran

Here are Hamas and Iran for you. Their true colors. Iran is the top state sponsor of terrorism. They are responsible for deaths and terror throughout the world. You can see in this video how Hamas is thanking Iran for their support – money, weapons, and more. If Iran wanted peace, they would not be providing Hamas – another named terror organization – with the means to try to destroy Israel and harm the Jewish people. But these Islamic terrorists want to end the Western world as we know it. They want to wreak havoc. To destroy.

Will the World See the Truth?

Will the world see the truth, or will they continue to be completely blind to what is happening? So many try to fight for the rights of Palestinian Arabs. But look what Hamas has caused – look at the pain and suffering they have caused them in Gaza. But you don’t hear human rights activists protesting Hamas and Iran and their terrorism. Instead, you hear people protesting Israel for…nothing. For lies that these “activists” perpetrate against the Jewish state. If they truly cared about the safety of our world and of Palestinian Arabs, they wouldn’t protest the one democracy in the Middle East – Israel. They would protest Hamas and Iran.

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