How Dennis Prager has changed the minds of millions worldwide

by Leah Rosenberg

Dennis Prager is a one of a kind well known public personality.  But he is not just a well-known conservative personality.  He is a person who has probably impacted on more people in America today than almost any other well known Jewish personality.

But now through his radio voice and public speaking, his ideas are now available to the worldwide audience.

Staggering Numbers

He reaches an audience  that is well into the tens of millions.

His videos on PragerU have reached a staggering 60 million viewers.

How many people can say that about their website?

Well, Dennis Prager is just getting going.  He plans to reach hundreds of millions of viewers and make a sea change in the younger generation.  He accomplishes everything that he does with down-to-earth clear-headedness and a truly open mind.

That is why everyone – including his ideological opponents – truly admire and love Dennis Prager.

What are the best causes to support?

Some people prefer to give to organizations that save lives.  Hospitals, ambulance services, etc… On the other hand, others like to impact on the minds of the younger generation.  So, they tend to think about institutions of higher learning or schools that have impacted on their lived ones. Well, if they are truly interested in getting the most out of their investment, the best place to invest in order to reach the younger generation may indeed be PragerU.

They speak the language that young people understand – soundbytes.  Clear, concise, and very engaging.

Dennis is just one of many lecturers.  Today, anyone who really wants to reach the masses should bang on PragerU’s doors and ask to speak via PragerU’s medium.


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