American basketball player visits center in Jerusalem for people with disabilities

by Leah Rosenberg

American basketball player Johnny O’Bryant visited the Shalva National Center in Jerusalem. He gave something priceless to special people.

Shalva Center in Jerusalem

The Shalva National Center is a unique and special place for those with disabilities. It gives children and adults alike the opportunity to grow and be who they are. The center offers different programs and even has a cafe run by those with disabilities. The center provides what so many places will not and do not: inclusiveness. The babies, children, young adults, and adults are capable of so much. Shalva allows them to thrive.

It is unbelievable that such a center exists.

Johnny O’Bryant at Shalva

American basketball player Johnny O’Bryant made a special visit to Shalva. It was his first visit ever to Jerusalem. He was in Israel to play for Maccabi Tel Aviv.

O’Bryant’s support for Shalva’s inclusiveness is amazing to hear. He is not Israeli nor is he Jewish, yet he is supporting Israel by coming and making visits such as these. The American basketball star played with the children at Shalva and truly made an impact. But really, Shalva made an impact on him. Both sides came out completely changed.

Visiting Jerusalem

In today’s day and age, the world is against Jerusalem – that is, against a Jewish Jerusalem. There are constant boycotts and lies that are spread about what Jerusalem is and has been for thousands of years.

Johnny O’Bryant’s visit to Jerusalem makes a statement, just like other sports stars visits to Jerusalem did. He didn’t boycott Jerusalem like so many stars do. And that is important for the world to realize.

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