How best friends are torn apart by the Holocaust reunited 82 years later

by Leah Rosenberg

This is one of the most touching stories that you will ever hear. Torn apart by the Holocaust, these best friends found each other again.

Reuniting Decades After the Holocaust

Wow, what an emotional story. The Holocaust tore apart these two best friends. They loved each other and thought about each other after the Nazi atrocities forced their families to go separate ways.

Love can overcome anything. Neither Betty nor Anna Maria knew what happened to the other during WWII. Can you imagine saying goodbye to your closest friend, and 82 years later being reunited? G-d brought these two women back together.

Rebuilding after Tragedy

Betty and Anna Maria both lost family during the Holocaust. They both experienced pain and tragedy; loss and sadness. But what did they do, despite that pain and hardship? They rebuilt their lives. They continued living. And that is truly heroic. Seeing all their children, grandchildren, and maybe even great-grandchildren on that Zoom call was inspiring. Each of them carried on their own family’s name.

Hitler lost. And the reunification of these two best friends and their families is proof.

Although they are not the only ones to be reunited after decades of thinking the other might have died, Betty and Anna Maria are definitely an inspiration to all.

No one should ever have to experience the pain that Holocaust survivors have experienced. But we can all learn from them and take the lessons they have shared from what they experienced.

May there be only happy times and no more tragedy.

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