Biden Administration Surrenders To The Chinese Communist Party

by David Mark

Historians will look at the Alaska Summit between China and the USA as a major turning point in global affairs.

Empires rarely fall in front of the gazing eyes of a world audience, but that seems to be what is occurring to America as the Biden administration appears to almost all observations to be weak and feeble in handling the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The Alaska Summit was hoped to be a chance to reset relations between China and the USA. However, it not only aided in the two countries’ continued disintegrating relationship, but showed just how weak America really is.

The CCP in Beijing is hoping to show America’s allies that China is the new dominant super power to deal with. The verbiage spewed in Alaska was the first salvo in this strategy. The CCP hopes to paint the Biden administration as weak and hapless, thus breaking the EU’s and Canada’s support for the American administration and its position regarding China’s role in the Indo-Pacific.

With China’s reorganization of Hong Kong’s political system and its increasing threatening stance towards Taiwan, the Biden administration appears more likely to surrender than to stand up to Beijing’s belligerency. Of course this is to be expected. For as long as Americans insist on buying cheap Chinese products, no one will try to hold China back from global hegemony- it is just not worth it.

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