Survivor cousins reunite after 75 years of thinking the Nazis had killed the other

by Leah Rosenberg

These Holocaust survivor cousins will leave you in tears when you watch their emotional meeting after 75 years. What a miracle!

Separated During the Holocaust

The Nazis murdered 6 million Jews. The Nazis separated parents from children. They separated cousins; friends. There is so much pain that still remains with those who survived the Holocaust.

And Morris Sana and Simon Mairowitz lived with that pain. They lived with the pain of thinking the other had been murdered by the barbaric Nazis. Morris and Simon grew up together as cousins and close friends. They were young when the Nazis invaded Romania. The two had escaped separately. And after the Holocaust ended, each of them thought they would never see the other again. Cousins. Friends. They were heartbroken. How would life go on living with such pain?

Holocaust Survivor Cousins Reunite

Watching Holocaust survivor cousins reunite after 75 years of thinking the other had been killed is beyond emotional. Can you imagine?

Morris Sana now being 87 and Simon Mairowitz now being 85, both never imagined this day was possible. Sana ended up in Israel after the Holocaust, and Mairowitz ended up in the UK. But their descendants found each other on Facebook and brought the two cousins back together. Tears of joy. Tears of connection. What a beautiful moment. What a miracle that the two of them were reunited!

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