Israeli-Arab businessman’s epic response to the offer to live under the Palestinian Authority

by Phil Schneider

There are millions of Arabs who live in the parts of Israel that are not disputed. Then, there are another few million Arabs who live in Israel that are disputed. This interview takes place between an Arab who lives in the undisputed part of the State of Israel. Israel just went through an election in which people like this made it a point to not vote for Arab parties who are completely critical of the State of Israel’s very existence. Some keen observers even noted that a significant rise in Arab voters were counted who voted for the right-wing Likud party.

Why are so many Arabs who support Israel so much? Why do they not dream of living under the Palestinian Authority? The answers are actually not so complicated. The main reasons are not just economic. The main reasons are just as much due to health concerns. But additionally, the negatives of the Palestinian Authority are also a major factor. The Palestinian Authority is unfortunately filled with corruption. That is why so few people who live under the PA feel that they have a governing authority that will take care of them in their later years.

But health care is something that matters for all people, from every age. And Israel treats every Jew and every Arab in exactly the same way. Israel is a country that is the best place to be in the entire Middle East – for Jews, Arabs, and Christians. But, if you press the average Arab who prefers living under Israel than under the Palestinian Authority, a major issue is the law and order that exists within the State of Israel. The Palestinian Authority was labeled a “Kleptocracy” as so little money goes from the top of the pyramid and down to the every man. Israel is the beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East, and many Arabs within Israel understand this well.

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