How an ardent Neo-Nazi became an Orthodox Jew

by Leah Rosenberg

An Orthodox Jew is part of a small percentage of the world population. So how it is possible that a Neo-Nazi chose to become part of this tiny percentage?

Neo-Nazi becomes an Orthodox Jew

How many times have you heard a story about a Neo-Nazi becoming an Orthodox Jew? It is definitely not common. It is amazing for someone who was brainwashed by such horrific ideas to completely turn his life around and choose a life of meaning.

If you think about how simple and easy it is to persuade young minds to support Hitler and to hate the Jewish people, it is terrifying. It is done in ways that grab the attention of the young and malleable mind. Music and sports. Friends and training camps. These are things that can be so innocent. But somehow, they became criminal.

What Does it Mean to be Orthodox?

Being an Orthodox Jew means putting G-d before everything else. It means following the Laws of the Bible and living a life where G-d is constantly on your mind. It does not mean that Orthodox Jews never make mistakes. Humans make mistakes, it is part of life. But it does mean that after the mistake, you pick yourself and try again. It means reaching out to G-d in times of happiness and times of despair. It means being part of something greater than yourself.

What is so frightening is that the idea of being part of something greater than yourself can be used in the wrong way. It can be used to be part of a Neo-Nazi group. It can be used to turn Germany into a nation of Hitler supporters.

But it can also be used to live the most fulfilling life. And the man in this video, Yonatan “Lutz” Langer, went from the worst of the extremes to the greatest. What strength he has!

Roe vs. Wade

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