Jerusalem’s powerful call

by Leah Rosenberg

This song about Jerusalem is extremely powerful. The lyrics, the imagery – it just puts you in the right mindset. But will you answer the call?

Song about Jerusalem

Of course, this is not the only song about Jerusalem. There are so many that it is impossible to count. There are songs from ancient times and from modern times. There are songs that are more like poems, and there are songs that are for dancing. King David’s Psalms are filled with songs and poetry about Jerusalem – songs and poetry that the Jewish people still recite to this very day. Words that are thousands of years old are still flowing from the lips of a people that is thousands of years old.

But whatever the genre, one thing is clear: Jerusalem is central in Judaism (and in Israel). It is the heart of the world. It is the heart of the Jewish nation. And isn’t that obvious? If you think about how many songs have been written about Jerusalem and how many prayers are focused on the rebuilding of the holiest city in the world, there is no question of Jerusalem’s significance.

And the World Denies it?

What is the world denying? They are denying the truth. They are denying Jerusalem. And they are denying Jerusalem’s right to exist the way it’s supposed to: As the capital of Israel with the Jewish people glorifying her.

Jerusalem knows the truth. The Jewish people know the truth. The world will try to deny the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, but the truth always prevails.

The Jewish people have not forgotten about Jerusalem for thousands of years. What makes the world think that they will forget her now?

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